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          Compression technology

          Pressing & riveting process :  Servo Press, Pneumatic Press ,Hydraulic PressPressing and riveting technology (servo press, hydraulic pressure 2018-09-17

          Lock screw technology

          Screw Process :   Rexroth,Atlas,Deprag,WEBER,DSM,etcLock screw technology (Rexroth, Atlas, de pie, Webb, DSM, etc.) 2018-09-17

          welding technique

          Welding technology (robotic welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding, ceramic droplet welding, resistance welding, selective wave soldering)Dispensi 2018-09-17

          Glue technology

          Dispensing & Potting  Process :  Silicon , Resin,UV,lubricating grease  Dispensing and gluing process (silica gel, resin, UV, 2018-09-17

          Leak testing technology

          Test machine (Function, Flash, Final, ICT, Run in,  Leakage);Testing equipment (burning, functional testing, high temperature testing, ICT testin 2018-09-17
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